The Importance of Maintaining your Commercial Outdoor Lighting Sarasota FL

How the importance of maintaining your commercial outdoor lighting Sarasota FL is imperative for safety and security. You should always follow these tips to make sure you’re doing what you can to maintain them: make sure they’re clean, check for corrosion, test all lights weekly and replace any burnt out bulbs.

Commercial outdoor lighting is important for a number of reasons. It keeps your property safe and secure by deterring criminals, it allows customers and employees to see where they’re going, and it increases the visibility of your business so that people can find you more easily. By following these tips, you can make sure that your commercial outdoor lighting is in good condition and functioning properly.

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Keeping your outdoor lighting clean is crucial for ensuring that it’s operating properly. Dirty lighting fixtures can cause the light to scatter in different directions when you want it focused on a specific area, and this makes it harder for people to see in certain areas or makes areas appear darker than others. By keeping your lights clean, you ensure that the light is hitting the correct areas and that your building is lit evenly.

To keep lights clean, check them once a week for dust or debris buildup. If you find anything on your fixtures, use liquid soap and water to spray it off, then wipe the entire fixture with a cloth until all residue has been removed. This will ensure that no dirt or grime is interfering with the light.

Corrosion on outdoor lighting is important to check for because of how it can affect the fixture’s performance. Corrosion can cause breakage, which means that lights won’t turn on. It also affects the fixture’s ability to focus light where you need it, causing dark or shadowy areas where you want light.

Check for corrosion by climbing up on a ladder and looking down at your fixtures. If you notice bubbling, rusting or discoloration, give the fixture a gentle shake to see if any pieces come loose. If they do, schedule time to have it professionally repaired or replaced.

Corrosion can be prevented by keeping the area around your fixtures free from dirt and grime. You can use a hose to spray off ornaments, statues and any other objects that might accumulate dust or dirt. In addition, you should turn on your lights for a few hours every day to prevent corrosion in the long term.

Testing outdoor lighting weekly is important because it gives you an opportunity to replace any burnt out bulbs. As outdoor lighting is used constantly, it’s common for bulbs to burn out or break over time. Without testing your lights, you could be operating with dark spots and shadows in your building’s exterior long after a bulb has burned out.

Testing all of your lights once a week allows you to easily see which bulbs have burned out. Because outdoor lighting operates for around 8 to 12 hours a day, it’s important to set aside enough time each week to test all your fixtures.

Once you’ve replaced the burnt out bulbs, turn off your lights, then turn them back on after 10 minutes. This allows any new bulb that was installed to settle, so it holds up better throughout the rest of the week.

Although a number of factors can contribute to outdoor light breakage or bulb burnout, it’s important to regularly check for corrosion in order to keep your lights in working condition.

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