Coquina Beach

There’s a lot to like about Coquina Beach. The white sands and crystal clear water make it one of the most popular beaches in Florida. Whether you are looking for a day of swimming, or an evening of dancing, you’ll find plenty to do. In addition to enjoying the sand, you’ll be able to explore the surrounding area. You can rent a chair, umbrella, or even a boat to cruise the waters. Read on to learn more.


One of the most interesting aspects of visiting Anna Maria Island is the wildlife that surrounds it. From dolphins to sea turtles to racoons to geckos, you can expect to see a wide variety of creatures.

Aside from the obvious, you can also find alligators on the island. The best place to look is the bay. However, they can be found in brackish estuaries, too. There are also some great beaches on the west side of the island.

Luckily, the alligators that inhabit the area aren’t the kind of monsters that wreak havoc. If you’re curious about alligators, check out the Florida Department of Natural Resources website. It has a helpful brochure on living with alligators, and you can also contact the state’s alligator hotline.

The alligators at Coquina Beach are among the most popular attractions on the island. You can enjoy a paved trail, volleyball pits, and lots of other amenities. Plus, the beach is easily accessible by trolley or golf cart.

Small lizards and geckos

Florida has a wide variety of lizards, from the common to the exotic. While a few species are native to Florida, most are introduced species. Lizards have the ability to live in any environment.

Some of the more common species of lizards in Florida are Green Anoles, Fence lizards, and Tree lizards. These animals are common in both northern and southern Florida, and can be found in areas with open forests and grassy areas.

Green Anoles are generally green. In warmer weather, the color may change to a lighter shade of brown. They also have a pink flap of skin called a dewlap. This helps regulate their body temperature. If threatened, they can bite.

Fence lizards are found in the panhandle of Florida. They can be found in open forests and in fallen trees. The scales are light brown, but they have darker brown stripes. Their chins are blue during mating season. Here is another spot to visit.

Cheap umbrella, chair, and boat rentals

Coquina Beach is a popular destination in Bradenton Beach. You can see a nice variety of wildlife, including dolphins and sea turtles. It is also a nice place to go for a picnic. There are several funky cocktail bars as well as plenty of shopping.

One of the most impressive things about Coquina Beach is the sand. The beach is lined by tall pine trees, which create a beautiful backdrop for you and your family to enjoy.

Other notable features are the many beach activities you can try, including volleyball and swimming. To keep up with the activity, you can rent a boat, paddleboard or snorkeling equipment. These are available at various rental sites around the island.

Coquina Beach also has the largest beach market on the Gulf of Mexico. It is also one of the most scenic beaches in the area. In addition, you can view a number of nesting birds, which is quite the feat.

Crab & Music Festival

The Coquina Beach Crab & Music Festival is a first-year event. This festival will feature local and Florida Gulf Coast seafood, live musical performances, and shopping. It’s a weekend of fun for all.

The festival is free to attend. It also includes a kids’ play area and full bar. Guests are invited to bring their own chairs and blankets to enjoy the event. In addition, seating will be available for protection from rain.

There will be live music, food trucks, craft vendors, and local artists at this festival. Local bands like Doug Deming and the Jewel Tones, Berry Duane Oakley, and Dr Dave will perform.

The festival will also have a toy drive to benefit the children of Port S. Joe, Florida. Free water taxis will be available to transport festival attendees.

The festival features local seafood and great food. It’s also a great way to support local commercial fishermen and local artists. You’ll be able to sample food from some of the best restaurants in the region, and you can even take a stroll through the market and shop for some unique souvenirs. Next blog post.



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