Corrosion is the #1 cause of landscape lighting failure!

The bitterness of low-quality remains long after the sweetness of low-price!

Where does corrosion come from?

Most landscaping companies offer landscape lighting as part of their services. Our experience has shown us that often times they use the cheapest lights and standard wire nuts for the connection to the lights.

This connection is buried and the first time it gets wet from the sprinkler or rain water, the corrosion process begins.

Once corrosion starts, it’s like a cancer that will travel down through the inside of the wire.

Eventually, the lights will start to flicker and eventually fail throughout the entire system.

Once this happens, the only solution is to rip out the corroded wire and replace it with new wire.

At Illuminate Landscape Designs, we use a copper crimp system that crimps the wire connection at four separate points.

This insures that the wire connection will never come apart. This connection is inserted into a plastic tube that is filled with dialectic grease, which protects the connection from moisture.

Be sure to ask your installer how their wire connections are made, before approving any work!