Affordable LED Landscape Lighting Ellenton

One of the major benefits of choosing LED landscape lighting is its high level of affordability. If you are in Ellenton, Illuminate Landscape Design can help you to transform your outdoor living space with affordable lighting solutions. We are professional lighting contractors offering reliable outdoor lighting services. Compared to halogen and incandescent bulbs, LED lighting uses considerably less electricity. Therefore, you do not have to shy away from outdoor lighting for fear of raising your energy bills.

LED bulbs convert 95% of the energy they produce into the light and only waste around 5% of the energy as heat. Therefore, LED bulbs will not reduce the cool appeal of your outdoor living space. Light-emitting diodes are cool to the touch and have a lower likelihood of causing fires. Light-emitting diodes offer immense benefits over fluorescent lights, which convert only 5% of the energy they produce to light and waste the rest (95% of the energy) as heat.

You can have control over the appearance of your outer home space at night by experimenting with LED outdoor lighting. You can cast directional light and minimize light pollution in your yard.

Light-emitting diodes are also eco-friendly lighting solutions because they do not emit toxic substances like mercury. You do not require special recycling instructions with light-emitting diodes. This lighting option is long-lasting and will serve you for many years. The lighting can withstand severe changes in temperatures, vibrations, and shocks.

Our LED lighting products come with reliable manufacturers’ warranties. Therefore, if the lighting malfunctions before the expiry of the warranty period, you can expect a replacement at no additional cost.

In the past, most people dismissed LED lighting because it came with a single white-bluish hue. However, long gone are the days of limited LED hues. Currently, LED bulbs offer a similar or even better pleasing and varied hue as halogen bulbs. You can never go wrong with LED outdoor lighting.

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