Landscape Lighting Fixtures

The highest-quality light available!

Illuminate Landscape Designs offers the most technologically advanced fixtures in the LED market.

We are driven to deliver premium outdoor LED landscape lighting products using only the highest grade materials while leveraging cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and innovative LED technology.

Path Lights

Pathway lighting is a great way to accent the walkway in and around your property.

Spot Lights

Our spotlight design is sleek and is only 2.3 inches in diameter while still being built to be the most durable directional spotlight on the market!

Continuing our commitment to A Fixture for Life, the new light engine is 100% compatible with the entire line of housings and is perfect for all outdoor lighting applications including up-lighting, down-lighting, shadowing, silhouettes or architectural accent lighting.

Wall Washing

The wall wash and wall graze led light fixtures are built with our inline, triple LED light engine diodes which outputs a maximum light evenly to improve your security while improving the beauty at night on any vertical surfaces to highlight the building structures textured walls with high quality architectural accenting light. Capable of delivering up to 75 watt halogen equivalent output in a wide variety of truly vivid and consistent colors, the outdoor security wall washer light is the most powerful Wall Washer landscape light in the industry while having a small profile that is only 4.25 inches wide and 5 inches tall!

It is also available in our full range of True LED Color Light Output.

Our fixtures are built to last and come with an unparalleled 20-year / 80,000 hour manufacturer’s warranty!