Try to imagine some of the world’s most beautiful landmarks without illuminations. Think about how the Statue of Liberty would look without its torch, or how the Sydney Harbour Bridge would look without its uplit arches.

Lighting can add drama and beauty, but do you know how that can be done on your own property?

Even the most normal of home can be transformed with the right light. Read on as we discuss landscape lighting ideas for your home. 

Accent and Spot

Accent and spotlighting are fantastic if you have interesting features you want to show off. They use high-intensity controlled beams to pick out your favorite focal points. That way, you can have small oases of interest dotted around the garden. 

You don’t need interesting sculptures to accent either. Trees, flowers, and even features of the home can all benefit from these types of landscape lights. 


Shadowing is a form of accent lighting, but with a twist. Objects are illuminated with a landscape light that hits from below and points upward. This can create interesting shapes and angles in shadow on the walls behind. 


Uplighting is a technique in which lights point vertically. They create an extremely dramatic effect, even making buildings look taller and bigger. If you have texture on the wall surface, you will get an interesting mottled look that faces out toward the top. 


Downlighting is the use of exterior lights to cast a broad illumination. Often, this is in areas that will be in use during the hours of darkness. This could include seating areas, decking, and pathways. 

The other benefit is the added security it brings. Trespassers on your property have very few places to hide when you illuminate with downward lighting. 


Exterior lighting that grazes helps bring out the texture in your garden or yard. This can be from tree bark, masonry, and woods. The light is placed extremely close to the surface, creating contrasts between the textural surface. 

Water Lighting

Fountains and pools are where you will find water lighting. It is always beautiful as it bounces off the surface of the water, creating gentle movement and refractions. 

There are also a few tricks you can employ to add even more impact. Consider its reflective qualities when you position other lights, letting them spill onto the water and bounce off. You can also consider adding a dimmer to increase or decrease the intensity. 

Diffused Lighting

Diffused lighting is low-level exterior lighting used for giving a soft glow to an area. It can be used to overlay flower beds, patios, and driveways. Many people use it to form gentle patterns of light that can add interest to normally bland areas. 

Installing Landscape Lighting

Now that you understand the types of landscape lighting ideas available, it is time to speak with an expert. They will have the design knowledge to get the best from your property features. With lighting, even bland properties can become something beautiful.

Illuminate Landscape Designs should be your first stop for lighting in the Florida area. Click here for a free consultation and let us transform your property into the envy of the neighborhood.

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