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Safe and Effective Landscape Lighting Longboat Key

Are you seeking reliable LED landscape lighting contractors in Longboat Key? Search no more. Illuminate Landscape Design offers the best outdoor lighting solutions in Longboat Key and the surrounding areas. We have helped many homeowners to transform their pool areas, dock, and the entire yard with our LED lighting options.

LED lighting is one of the latest developments in the lighting industry. LED lighting is a low-voltage lighting option, which allows homeowners to make great energy savings. Compared to the conventional lighting options, LED lighting is eco-friendly and safer. Given the versatility of light-emitting diode technology, you can make your outdoor living space as bright or as dull, and you would like.  

You can save money by choosing our LED lighting solutions. LED has a much longer lifespan compared to the lifespan of an average incandescent bulb. The average incandescent bulb may last for an average of 1,000 hours. However, LED light may last for up to 50,000 hours with minimal maintenance. The long life of LED light means that you do not have to replace the lighting regularly. This will help you save a lot of money.

Currently, it is becoming important for companies and homeowners to be mindful of the environment. LED lighting is friendly to the environment because it does not emit harmful substances into the environment.

It is safer to use LED lighting, even in extreme weather conditions, and this makes it ideal for outdoor lighting. Unlike other lighting solutions whose light emission intensity diminishes when temperatures drop, LED lighting can function in cold temperatures. LED lighting emits almost no heat because the bulbs convert 95% of the energy they produce into heat. The lighting is ideal for outdoor space because it blends in well with the outdoor environment. You can barely exhaust the immense benefits of our outdoor lighting services. Contact us today and start your journey of transforming your indoor space.

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