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Would you like to add extra security to your business or home without breaking the bank? If yes, let Illuminate Landscape Designs help you. We provide you with an affordable yet effective solution that will protect your home or business from time to time.

Generally, burglars, thieves, robbers, and other criminals like operating in an area with dark spaces or low light. This is mainly because such spaces help them carry out their criminal activities without being seen. However, you can deter them from operating around your home or business by simply hiring our services at Illuminate Landscape Designs.

We know all the strategic places that light should be installed. Our well-versed professional security lighting installers in West Bradenton FL will go extra miles to help you install lights in those strategic areas. We are confident that our lighting installation services will discourage criminals from lurking around your home in Ellenton, Holmes Beach, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Anna Maria, and other areas in and around Bradenton.

A simple but long-lasting solution to security challenges

Your lighting solution should never be complicated; however, it must be able to handle most of the security challenges that you may be dealing with. Resultantly, we take our time to assess your home or business and determine the best areas to mount different security lights.

One of the security lights that we can help you install is the motion sensor. This sensor monitors any movement in the area and sends alerts if anyone is trying to break in. In addition to the sensors, there are several other simple and effective lightings that we can install to secure an area or building. A few of the lighting options available are exit lighting, floodlights, emergency lights, landscape lighting, and fluorescent lights.

After contacting us, we will work with you or your team to determine the best lighting options that are suitable for your home or business. Besides, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. We believe that every business differs; hence, we are always ready to customize our installation services to fit your budget and needs.

At Illuminate Landscape Designs, our goal is to make your home more secure and safer than ever before whether anyone is in the building or not. And until we have achieved our goal, we will never stop trying.

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