With many homeowners now wired for sound and visual aesthetics, attention has shifted to lighting to create exciting and dynamic outdoor spaces that provide impact and memorable experiences after the sunsets.

Here are eight trending tips for landscape lighting design ideas you should consider this year.

1) Illuminate the pool

A pool is a great centerpiece for an outdoor living space, but it’s often underutilized due to the challenges of illuminating such a large area.   Using a combination of underwater and cove lighting is a great way to make the most of your pool’s centerpiece. In addition, you can use accent lighting on patios and decks to create more of a visual connection between the different areas of your outdoor living space and generate stronger lighting effects.

2) Use bollard lights

If you are looking for landscape lighting design ideas that light up your driveway or walkway, bollards are an increasingly popular option. They are low-profile, usually mercury vapor lights surrounded by protective housings that typically range from 12” to 36” in height. Traditionally intended for commercial areas, they have become more prevalent in residential settings as well. Bollards provide carefree illumination while complimenting the look of the home.

3) Add landscape lighting with timers

Timers allow outdoor spaces to be accentuated after dark without you having to lift a finger. They also allow you to conserve energy by having lights come on automatically at dusk and go off later if desired.

4) Use light projections on block walls and pergolas

This trend is still in its early stages, but see how it future proofs your lighting design by projecting light onto structures instead of illuminating them with fixtures. A simple change with a dramatic result.

5) Use custom floodlights to showcase outdoor artwork

Hang artistic floodlights on trees or around the porch or entryway for an exciting lighting display that adds privacy when desired. A great option when you want to enhance the landscape while still protecting privacy and views.

6) Light up flower beds and bushes

Instead of highlighting individual plants, consider adding some additional accents to your gardens by highlighting the bed itself at night. The bigger, the better! This gives all garden visitors something spectacular to look at during evening hours.

7) Keep it simple

For homeowners looking for lighting design ideas that are easy to maintain, consider subtle landscape lights that enhance the property without attracting too much attention. It’s all about balance. You can do something basic like this or go all out with additional colors and changing hues depending on the mood you want to set each evening.

8) Front door lighting

Light up your front entryway with a unique fixture. Maybe a simple post light would do the trick, or you could go all out and create something more complex for a dramatic entrance.   Whatever your tastes are, lighting can be as individual as the home itself!

Keep learning: Before starting any landscape project, it is essential to check with local utility companies and town ordinances to ensure all safety precautions are taken.

If you are interested in having your landscape lighting designed, contact an expert at Illuminate Landscape Designs “A Little Light Changes Everything,” for a free consultation.

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