Cost to Install Landscape Lighting

Install Landscape Lighting
Install Landscape Lighting

How Much Cost to Install Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting is a great way to add ambiance and elegance to your outdoor living space. It can be used for functional purposes such as security, safety, and ambiance. And it can also be used in the form of art to create a truly unique design statement in your yard. But how expensive is landscape lighting? Check out this article for more information on what you need to know about the cost to install landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting comes in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. The difference between the most basic DIY system and high-end professional systems is quite significant. This graphic gives you an idea of what features different types of landscape lighting fixtures offer, as well as their cost.

Install Landscape Lighting
Install Landscape Lighting

Costs vary depending on whether or not your yard already has power lines present and how many fixtures you need to install. However, this doesn’t mean that installing landscape lighting will break the bank account. Here’s what you can expect to pay:

Here are some examples of high and low-end landscape lighting fixtures:

Low-cost, Low-end Fixtures: 

These lights usually run on 12 volt DC systems for outdoor use and can be plugged into a garden outlet or connected directly to an existing light circuit underground. They work well for limited areas such as walkways and gardens, but not so well for larger spaces. Examples include unpluggable solar pathway lights and basic waterproof post mounts which feature LED bulbs.

Midrange, Moderate Fixtures: 

Although more expensive than the low-cost options above, these fixtures still come with decent price tags that won’t break them. They’re powered by either low-voltage systems with transformer boxes or 12 volt DC systems with a standard power supply. These types of lighting fixtures are an excellent choice for areas that require placement of more than 100 feet from the power grid. Examples include low-voltage exterior light fixtures, recessed wall lights, and post mounts. 

High-end, High-cost Fixtures: 

The highest-end landscape lighting options cost thousands of dollars to install. However, because these fixtures come with robust transformers and feature-rich design, they don’t require large amounts of electricity to produce brilliant results. Examples include high-voltage lines which run to transformer box posts for easy installation in distant locations.

Of course, the prices above are merely examples of what you can expect to pay for different types of landscape lighting systems. Your actual price will depend on factors such as the size and shape of your yard, whether or not your garden already has available power lines, and how many fixtures you want to install. If you’re looking for an estimate based on your own unique specifications, it’s best to consult with a landscaping company that offers landscape lighting services. They’ll be able to walk through your property with you, assess potential issues, determine which lights would work best in each location, and provide estimates for installation costs.

Install Landscape Lighting
Install Landscape Lighting

As long as you have electrical power in your yard, you can install landscape lighting. However, if the service isn’t yet available, it’ll be much more expensive to install. The easiest way to find out which system will work best for you is by contacting a professional who offers assessment and installation services. They’ll come up with an estimate based on your specific gardening needs and design preferences, helping you choose the perfect fixtures to give your garden the look you want at a price that suits your budget.

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