Unique Outdoor Lighting

Solar Lights
Solar Lights

15 Unique Outdoor Lighting Options for Your Home or Business

Outdoor lighting can be used to improve the appearance of your home or business. You don’t have to stick with traditional options like a porch light or sconce. There are many unique outdoor lighting options available that can really enhance your property. Try using solar lights, string lights or even a fire pit to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests.

  1. Solar Lights

Solar lights are a great option for outdoor lighting because they are eco-friendly and easy to install. There are a variety of solar light options available, including solar path lights, solar spotlights and solar garden lights.

  1. String Lights

String lights are a versatile option for outdoor lighting. You can use them to create a festive atmosphere for parties or to simply add some extra light to your yard or patio.

Unique outdoor lighting
  1. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are perfect for adding elegance to your outdoor space. They can be used to illuminate spaces like patios, decks and porches.

  1. Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting provides diffused lighting over an area, making it ideal for use around dining tables or desks. You can even install this type of lighting on an exterior wall to provide some extra ambiance next time you’re entertaining on your patio.

  1. Rope Lighting

Rope lighting is a great option for creating a striking visual display without being too bright or directly illuminating an area. This type of lighting comes in a variety of different colors and styles, so it can add some flair to your landscaping or other outdoor features.

  1. Spotlights

Spotlights are a great choice for highlighting landscaping or outdoor features. They can be used to highlight trees, fountains and even front porches.

  1. Torches

Torches add a nice touch of ambiance on patios or near pools, ponds and water features. They are also available in an array of styles, so you can choose the one that best fits your home’s design aesthetic.

  1. Underwater Lights

Underwater lights are perfect for highlighting pools, ponds and water features. You can use them to create a stunning visual display that’s sure to impress your guests.

  1. Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great option for adding some ambiance to your backyard or patio. Some fire pits come with features to help produce heat, making them a perfect accompaniment to colder months.

  1. Lantern Lights

Lantern lights provide a diffuse glow and can be hung from trees or used as an alternative to traditional wall mounted lighting.

  1. Solar Post Lights or Pathway Lights

Solar post lights or path lights are an inexpensive and eco-friendly option for outdoor lighting. These kinds of fixtures tend to be very simple, so they can provide a sleek appearance with little hassle.

Unique outdoor lighting
  1. Chalkboard Lighting

Chalkboard lighting works by providing a chalkboard surface that can be written on with chalk or chalk markers. This provides an interesting and unique alternative to normal lighting fixtures.

  1. Drum Pendant Lighting

Drum pendants are an interesting alternative to traditional pendant lighting. These fixtures create a glowing sphere that has the effect of making it look like the light is floating in midair. This can be a great option for adding some intrigue to your landscaping without having unattractive wires running across the yard or through your trees.

  1. Hanging Paper Lanterns

Hanging paper lanterns are a beautiful option for outdoor lighting because they create an ethereal glow that’s perfect for any occasion. You can hang them from trees or other areas around your home to instantly make the area look more inviting.

  1. Solar Tree Lights

Solar tree lights are another option for adding some ambiance to your landscaping without having too much of an impact on the environment. These types of fixtures tend to be very small, meaning they won’t produce a lot of light or take up too much space in your yard or garden.

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