Nathan Benderson Park

Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida is one of the best places to go for a day of recreational fun. With an indoor sports complex, boathouse, and plenty of space to play, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon. In addition to offering a lot of fun activities for everyone, the park hosts a number of events throughout the year, including the World Rowing Championships. A great post ahead.

World Rowing Championships

Nathan Benderson Park is an ideal location for the World Rowing Championships, which will be held from September 23 through October 1, 2017. The event will attract more than 42,000 fans and athletes from more than 60 countries.

In addition to rowing, the park will also host several other water sports including kayaking, canoeing and scuba diving. Nathan Benderson Park was formerly a shell mining site, but is now a community-owned park and a state-of-the-art facility.

With over 600 acres of park land and a man-made lake, Nathan Benderson Park has become a major rowing venue. It is the premier facility for national and international events.

Nathan Benderson Park has hosted several international events in the past. For example, the International Breast Cancer Dragon Festival took place at the park in 2014. This event had 3,400 spectators.

The park’s permanent FISA Class A 2,000-meter sprint rowing course meets the requirements of the governing body of international rowing. There are multiple viewing platforms at the tower located at the finish line of the course.

Last Paddler Standing

The Last Paddler Standing is a water sport competition in the Sarasota area. This is a great opportunity to support paddlers. A large number of spectators will be watching. It is a competition between teams of two. You can be a part of the action by signing up as a paid member in good standing.

The event is held on a 2,000 meter sprint course. Participants must complete the course in under an hour. As a bonus, the course is located in a multi-purpose facility with a finish tower and a multi-function boathouse.

Nathan Benderson Park is a world class rowing facility. It hosts a number of events and triathlons. In addition, it is home to the US Rowing Masters National Championships. There is also an impressive veterans program at the park. Some of the other things to do at the park include fishing, bird watching, and other activities.

The biggest draw is the novelty of seeing a massive crowd gathered along the shoreline. The 2,000 meter sprint course is an unmatched entertainment experience. More places to also visit by clicking here.

Recreational venue

The 600-acre Nathan Benderson Park is an outdoor recreation facility in Sarasota, Florida. It is located just west of Interstate 75. A new rowing venue, the park has a variety of trails and amenities for visitors to enjoy.

In recent years, the park has played host to several international events. For example, the International Breast Cancer Dragon Festival held in 2014. This event had over 2,500 spectators.

Nathan Benderson Park has also hosted four major rowing regattas. These events generated about $4.5 million in local economic activity.

Nathan Benderson Park is situated near award-winning Siesta Beach, hundreds of restaurants, and the University Town Center Commercial District. It also features a littoral shelf, conservation area, and a 3.4-mile paved trail.

The park is managed by the Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center Association. They offer classes and camps for dragon boating and sculling, as well as community programming. Thousands of people attend these classes each week.

Boathouse and indoor sports complex

The Sarasota County Commission has voted to allocate $20 million in tourism development tax money for construction of an indoor sports facility and boathouse at Nathan Benderson Park. This decision follows the county’s decision last month to raise its tourism development tax from 5% to 6%.

Commissioners praised the new indoor sports complex and expressed their excitement about the potential to host national sports events at the site. Commissioner Chuck Riesler said he was looking forward to seeing the center’s capabilities and the impact the facility would have on the Sarasota-Manatee area.

The Sarasota Invitational Regatta will be held at the park from February 24-26, 2023. In the past two years, over 1,500 competitors have participated in the event.

It was previously held at Siesta Public Beach and the Florida International Triathlon. Nathan Benderson Park hopes to become the premier venue for triathlons, open water swimming and paddle sports.

Several international championships and events have taken place at the park over the years. There are nine 2,000-meter racing lanes, a state-of-the-art boat maintenance and testing facility, and starting and finishing huts. Click here for the next blog post.



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